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GMPS-2050 Multipurpose Microwave Plasma (CVD) System
GMPS-2050 Multipurpose Microwave Plasma (CVD) System
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Technical Characteristics and Uses The system adopts GMG-2050,5kW/2450MHz high stable program-controlled microwave power source. By using the perfect line safety locking control system, the system has long working life, excellent electrical performance, safety and reliability, simple and convenient operation. ● microwave transmission system consists of high performance microwave circulator, pin dispenser, water load with reflected wave sampling and external connected waveguide. It ensures that the reflected wave is well isolated from the magnetron, and can easily adjust the best matching to achieve the best transmission of microwave power. ● microwave reaction chamber can couple the microwave power to the plasma in a wide operating range, and produce high density, high ionization and large area uniform and stable microwave discharge in the plasma discharge chamber. In order to ensure stable operation, the cavity wall adopts double-layer water cooling. ● multi-port plasma discharge cavity with 8~12 ports is a large volumetric discharge cavity with double-layer water-cooled structure. main uses of the ● system :1) study and pilot-scale processing of chemical vapor deposition of various films such as diamond ;2) etching and ashing of substrates ;3) as high density and wide beam ion sources ;4) growth of low temperature oxides ;5) plasma surface treatment and other experimental processing. Technical parameters Microwave sources:HMG-2050 Frequency of operation:2450±50 MHz Output power:0.5~5 kW Continuous adjustable Power stability:Better than ±1 per cent Output waveguide interface:BJ-26 FD-26 standard flange Input power:380V/50Hz±5% three-phase four-wire Cooling water flow:>5 L/min Microwave reaction chamber:Betting TM013 Mode Microwave discharge cavity: Multi-port, double water cooled Vacuum systems:450L/min molecular pumps and bypass units, vacuum measurement and control of medium pressure Gas system:4 MFC control Sample support system: Substrate diameter φ100mm, axial adjustment distance :0~150 mm DC bias source:V=300 V IV=100 mA
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