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Technical indicators The microwave power kW/915MHz 2.5~25 kW continuously adjustable. The microwave transmission system is composed of circulator, water load and feed waveguide. PLC master control unit and multi-parameter display of touch screen are used in the system. At the same time, the safety linkage protection system is designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. 1) microwave operating frequency: MHz 915MHz±15 2) power:380VAC±5,50 Hz,3 phase 4 lines,Capacity 45 kVA 3) total power consumption: ≤40 kW 4) microwave output power: 2.5~25 KW continuously adjustable. 5) waveguide interface: BJ-9,WR975 6) microwave leakage: Compliance with international standards 7) cooling water: Water pressure L/min;0.20~0.4 kPa; Feedwater temperature 15-20℃ 8) configuration: Separate structure (microwave power control cabinet and magnetron power head cabinet, two cabinets equipped with air conditioning hangers) 9) control mode: PLC control 10 inch touch screen operation. (1) Power setting, digital display (2) filament current, anode voltage and current, magnetic field voltage and current regulation display; (3) Overcurrent alarm, cooling water super mild water shortage alarm;
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