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Automatic fraction collector of Triode gas discharge tube
Automatic fraction collector of Triode gas discharge tube
Item No.:  

Main Technical Parameter
Applicable products:Leadless gas discharge tube triode
Size of product:Diameter of Φ2-Φ10mm,height of 5-10mm,cylinder-shaped or Cubic figure,ceramic package or glass package.
Measurement parameter:Forward breakdown voltage,breakdown reverse voltage and  insulation resistance
Parallel measurement:6pcs
Voltage rise rate:100-600V/s,you may edit any voltage.
Starting voltage:Can set.
Voltage range:50-2000V.
Degree of accuracy:15
Applied voltage of insulation resistance:can set
Measuring range of insulation resistance:80~9999MΩ
Template specification:6pcs×15list
Conformity judgment:Can set the range of the breakdown voltage and insulation resistance.
Rejects:Automatic separation of qualified and defective products when testing over.
Testing efficiency:2000pcs/hour

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