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HGE's glass branch has three furnaces with eight melting crucibles of each one.For more than 30years of history,based on the traditional glass melting and manual shaping,we imported various advanced equipment and manufacturing skills,with large scales production line,we can produce various and high precision optoelectronics glass according to customer's request and manufacture based on the material which customer supply to us. Glass product include:glass tube,glass cudgel and glass bulb by manual pulling and blowing;following up manufacturing bulb and glass disc foot,include:Borosilicate glass sealed with glass or metal,Quartz glass,and various shape of manual glass,applied toaccurate analyze,environmental protection,biophoton,medicine research,clinical applications,Industial measurement and control,high energy physics and universe research. Glass disc foot: Including plate glass disc foot which used for electron tube and specialized glass disc foot,applied to photomultiplier tubes,X-ray tubes,and hollow cathode lamp.we can assure that no leaking of gas,and the product can take more than 210℃ without cracking.The appearance,dimension,material and quantity can be required by the customer.
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