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Item No.:  ZJ-27

    The structure of ZJ-27 is a typical dynatron type,adopting precious metal oxide cathode,possessing antioxidation,instantaneous over-atmosphere shock capacity,stability,long life,using at the medium and high vacuum measurement system of vacuum degree.

    Parameter of ZJ-27
      Measuring range of vacuum degree:1.0×100-2×10-5(Pa)
      Filament voltage:1.3V
      Filament current:2.5A
      Accelerating stage voltage to ground:225V
      Cathode voltage to ground:25V
      Electron collector voltage to ground:0V
      Emission current:100μA(100-10-1Pa)
      Vacuum gauge constant:0.15±15%Pa-1
      Vacuum attended mode:φ15.5±0.5 DM-305 vacuum glass
      Baking temperature:80℃

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