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Vacuum gauge
UV light photosensitive diode
UV light diode
Spark gap
High-power klystron
Metal stamping parts for Surge arrester
Metal stamping parts
Components of vacuum interrupter
Metal contact and alloy material
Non-standard fasteners for automobile(part One)
fasteners for automobiles
Domestic appliance components
Communications-equipment components
Furniture lighting components
Electronic vacuum ceramic
Aluminium nitride (AlN)
BeO Ceramic
vacuum glass for automobile
DM-308 and DM-305 vacuum glass
spark rod tip
Cold forging for automobile
Ceramic Valve
Low voltage UVA Lamp
High voltage UVA lamp
UVC Lamp
Electronic Ballest
Vacuum Firing Furnace
Microwave Equipment
Vacuum Waveguide
Forge Piece
UV Light Lamp > UVC Lamp
Water disinfection integrated UV lamp
Single-ended Linear Super power series(4-pins)
Single-ended UV Lmp(H shape)
Double-ended Linear UV Lamp
High Power Amalgam UV Lamp
Single-ended UV Lmp(HB shape)
Cold cathode UV lamp(U shape)
Cold cathode UV lamp(L shape)
Mini Self-ballasted 3W/E 17 UV Lamp
Water disinfection waterproof UV lamp
UV Lamp for vacuum cleaner
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